9-1: Enterprise Systems

A. Enterprise Systems

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
    • Based on a suite of integrated software modules and a common central database
    • Database collects info from many divisions of firm and many business processes (finance/acct., sales & marketing, mfg. & production, etc.)
    • Management can obtain info on any dept. at any time

B. Enterprise Software

  1. Enterprise Software is built around predefined business processes
    • Processes reflect best practices
    • Best Practices - most successful solutions or problem-solving methods in an industry for consistently achieving objectives.
    • Two sources of best practices:
      1. Consulting firms
      2. Enterprise software firms with industry expertise
  2. Companies must select functions of desired system
  3. Use configuration tables provided by the software
  4. Major Vendors
    • SAP, Oracle, SSA Global, Microsoft

+C. Business Value of Enterprise Systems

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